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August 15, 2009

Keeling Curve

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Keeling Curve


Keeling Curve, “Keeling Curve…

What’s that?” you say, well, what a nerve!

But you’re going to get what you deserve

From the Keeling Curve, Keeling Curve…


Today it’s Atmos-here, Atmos-there


But we must learn to take more care

Or tomorrow it’ll be Atmos… where?


Take more care; plant more trees!

 Just hope we learn how not to freeze,

With a blanket covering Earth so fair

With lots of lovely low carbon-dioxide air;


Which you may think is very nice

But if we freeze that’s quite a price!

We need some CO-2 you see

To keep our air from running free


Off into Space as Keeling foresees

Causing all sorts of catastrophes

 So by inches and degrees

We must learn how not to freeze


Nor warm too much the Atmosphere;

Or else learn how to live in fear

Of the Keeling Curve; “Keeling Curve…

What’s that?” you say, well what a nerve;


Hope you get what you deserve

From the Keeling Curve, Keeling Curve…



 David Lloyd Rowlands



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