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October 2, 2010

The Lergie and the Fruits of my Labours

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G’day everyone! I thought I’d better post this update to my ‘about’ page in case anyone was beginning to think I’d dropped off the face of the planet or something…

The foot situation is not only not improving; now I’m getting cramps from holding my left foot off the floor for the past fifteen months straight! On top of that I had an ‘Upper respiratory Tract Infection’ which my doctor tells me could well have been whooping cough… “There’s a lot of it about…” Left me feeling weak as a kitten with all its muscles shredded… then, just as I’m getting back to what passes for normal these days I start to get these cramps in my lower hamstring, calves and foot… not to mention my lower back… incredibly painful.

The dreaded lergie put paid to my posting anything much on the 4-shared site or the Beginners’ Blues Guitar/Blues Guitar Unleashed forum lately, due to a complete absence of energy; so during this past week I’ve gee’ed myself up to posting three new blues tunes by Sunday midnight. I’ve decided I’ve already produced a good enough example of each tune to post tomorrow; I hope so, anyway, ’cause there’s no time to produce any more!

For Asty’s Weblog’s regular readers, however, I apologise for the long delay between posts; now you know why…

There is also another episode of Virgil’s Aeneid due to be posted here which will possibly make the same Sunday midnight deadline, or maybe sometime on Monday… I’m also about to post the last, bumper edition of ‘Cyrus’ over at the ‘Pigs Arms’ in the next coupla days too, so I’m gonna be a busy bloke for a while. I’ll post links to my new blues tunes as soon as I post them in 4-shared; then anyone interested in my progress as a ‘bluesman’ will be able to check it out for themselves…

Now, gotta get back to it… Later dudes and dudettes!


Okay back again! Here are those links:

Hope you enjoy these. Let me know what you think, won’t you? Now I’ve posted them on my OWN blog, I think I’d better get across to ‘Beginners’ Blues Guitar and put them up there!

Later, people!


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