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August 15, 2009


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There’s nowhere that I want to go,

And no-one that I want to see,

So I’ll sit here all alone

Just my guitar, my shadow and me,



You can lead a horse to water

            But you can’t make him drink


You can lead a man to knowledge

            But you can’t make him think:



If this boat don’t float

            You know it’s gonna sink


Into the drink…


And we’re goin’ down fast…

                        We’ve lost the rudder and the mast


And the Captain and the crew

            Don’t give a stuff for you…




Women and children panic

On this manic ‘Titanic’


            ’Cause our leader’s ‘plans’ are senseless

And you haven’t got a chance

                        If you’re one of the defenseless…


It’s “Goodbye”,


No lie;


               Too bad;


So sad.




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