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August 15, 2009

Higher and Deeper

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Higher and Deeper


Doctor Kingsley Garbett said to me

When I asked about studying for a PhD,

“The letters, you know, do not mean

Exactly what at first they seem…”


And the most amusing part is

That BA just means ‘Bullshit Artist’,

Though when at first these words were spoken

I thought we were only joking…


But now time’s put them to the test

I see in truth they were no jest!

Now, a higher degree?  You may keep ’er,

Since Ph D’s just:  ‘Piled Higher and Deeper’


So pay attention all who study

And make sure your tutor is your… ‘buddy’

But if you make wrong noises I’ll just betcha,

The Old Boy’s Network’s gonna getcha!


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