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April 30, 2011

About: Time I Did Site Restructuring…

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G’day to my regular readers (both of them!) I must apologise for any delay in my (not-quite-) regular serials… I’ve been noticing certain problems which I first thought may be the work of mishcievous sprites, however I’m now pretty much convinced that it’s ’cause I’ve exceeded some kinda page or article limit… though what it is exactly, I’m not sure; being a palaeolithic technophobe I’m operating more on ‘instinct’ than knowledge when it comes to the internet, blogging etc…

However, what I suspect is at the root of my problem is the fact that all my articles are on the same page… And in fact, I haven’t even created any actual ‘pages’ yet; these are all on my ‘About’ page, whether or not they are ‘categorised’ as such; and indeed all categories are on the same page too!

So, what I propose to do is to attempt to create new pages; one page for each major project (eg, one page for Virgil’s Aeneid; one page for Cyrus; one page for AOV; one page for ‘Poetry’; one page for ‘Asty’s Music’ etc… get the picture.

I plan to start with Cyrus first, so it will be the first to ‘disappear’ from the main page and (hopefully!) reappear on a different page… hopefully without too much disturbance to anyone currently reading it.

I’m also hoping that this restructuring will solve the problem I now have: whenever you try to open the first chapter or two of some of my longer works, you get the most recently-posted item and not the one you want… So, if this has happened to you lately while you’ve been searching my blog for articles, or even if it happens to you in the near future, please don’t worry and please be patient; and if strange things should start to happen while you’re reading any of the articles on my site, once again, don’t worry: it’s probably because I’m working on it ~ wish me luck!

Finally, I hope to have this blog functioning normally again very soon; hopefully by the end of next week.

Also, on a completely different note: As I’ve noticed quite a large number of visits from a certain ‘file uploading/downloading’ site, with a commercial interest in uploading and downloading files, I’d just like to take this opportunity to remind ALL my readers that the contents of this blog are all subject to South Australian Copyright laws and are the copyrighted intellectual property of the author, which, unless otherwise stated, is David L Rowlands, and all rights have been reserved. This material may not be copied, uploaded or otherwise redistributed in any manner without the copyright-owner’s written permission.

Thanks for your patience,

David L Rowlands
(author and editor)

April 25, 2011

About: Site Repairs

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Whether due simply to the age of this blog and natural entropy, or through the agency of some malevolent sprite, I discovered that some of my articles were all muxed ip… Some of the categories did not match up with the articles they were supposed to… As a result I have had to engage in a certain amount of some rather wierd literary juggling and have repaired the site and linked all the proper articles with the proper categories (at least as far as ‘AOV’ and ‘Virgil’s Aeneid’ are concerned; I’ll check the rest of the blog over the coming few days). However, in the process of juggling articles and categories, I appear to have lost Chapter 5 (ie, Part 2) of AOV, and Parts 21 and 22 (which should really have just been ’21’ anyway!). So I’ll have to repost these two items also during the next few days. This means of course, that the next episodes of Virgil’s Aeneid and Hell Hospital are likely to be somewhat overdue… my apologies. I’ll get back on track as soon as possible, I promise!



February 1, 2011

About: Getting back online…

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G’day blogonauts and piglets! This is just a very quick post to let you know that I’m finally back online, although still living out of boxes and studying the esoteric mysteries of Ikea construction, which is mercifully less mystifying than their purchasing process… the ‘self-service’ version of their ‘Elga’ ‘robe with 3 mirror doors is just far too complicated for me to ever be confident about doing correctly, so that I’ll shop for online at ‘Ikea Direct’… Then all I’ll have to do will be to figure out how to build the bugger!

Anyway, I have to go now to get an hour or so’s guitar practice in before my helper comes; today we’re gonna have to return the ‘Lenda’ curtains I bought last Friday for bigger ones (ie. wider) that fit! Later this evening, or perhaps tomorrow, I shall post the next version of the Aeneid; and thus, with two posts for this week already, I’ll hopefully make up for having missed out on posting last week; for which I offer you all my sincere apologies, it was unavoidable as I was offline due to the ‘Big Shift’… I’ll try not to let such an omission occur again!

If I get a little respite from unpacking I may even get a chance to work on the next episode of HH… I do realise it’s been a bit like a pollie’s promise lately, but I will try to get to it! If not this week, then next week! I promise!



January 21, 2011

About: The Big Shift

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By Astyages 

G’day Blogonauts and Piglets! Well, I’m sitting here at just a few minutes past midnight and it is already the day of the Big Shift! I’d be excited if I weren’t so exhausted. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks trying to get all the ‘little crap’ packed up in boxes and what can’t go neatly into boxes has gone into a plethora of green and variously other coloured shopping bags, for which I”m now actually quite thankful. 

Exhausted though I may be, I doubt that I’ll get any sleep at all tonight: The movers arrive in less that eight hours… I still haven’t packed the kitchen and the dishes need washing. A couple of nights ago, whilst packing I thought I’d fry up a coupla snags just to keep me going; so I turned on the stove under the heater and went back to packing… That is, I thought I’d turned on the stove under the heater; what I’d really turned on was the griller; and on this type of stove that is apparently a big no-no… there must be some kind of heat-resistant stuff which if it gets too hot, burns, producing a vile, oily black grime, right up my kitchen wall! Just what I needed before an inspection! I might have notice the smoke before too much damage was done except that I had the extractor fan on to get rid of some of the thirteen years worth of dust I’d stirred up by my packing efforts. I’ve had a go at cleaning what I can reach, but the rest will have to wait for ether my helper, John (if he’s brave enough!) or perhaps a professional cleaner.

I still haven’t heard back from the rubbish removers I thought I’d hired to remove the hard waste, whom I’d instructed to organise payment with Allianz and get back to me… if I don’t hear from them again before I move out tomorrow (and it doesn’t look likely) I suppose I’ll have to hire someone else… Just as well I’m paying an extra weeks’ rent after the move to give me time to get rid of all the junk I’ll be leaving behind which used to be my furniture… 

I am looking forward to doing a bit of shopping at Ikea in the very near future too, to replace storage space I must leave behind (large built-in robes! Luxury in a Housing Trust flat!) I must remember also to get a few simple gardening tools, my tiny patch of ‘garden’ looks like the ‘Day of the Triffids’! Crikey! Now I remember… gardening…

Hmmm I wonder what’s the best way to get rid of what looks like a potential ‘Giant Hogweed’ which seems determined to spoil the lay of my drive’s brick paving… (Voice, as the Pigs’ Arms’ gardening specialist, if you’re out there and can here a call for help from a black-thumbed gardener, I’d appreciate any advice you can give me; I may even take a few photos to show you the problems… Hmmm maybe I’ll have to trek over to the Pigs’ for a pink persuader to persuade ‘er! No, you filthy beast! Hung, you have a one track mind… and it’s a dirt-track! I meant a pink drink! The Pigs’ Arms’ patented pink drinks are reputed to have remarkable powers of persuasion… Now, if only I can catch her in a thirsty mood… 😉 )

Anyway, I need a quick cuppa Rosie Lea before I get stuck back into it; I can only put in a few minutes of work at a time and then my foot gets too sore and I have to rest it for a while… I think it’s going to be pretty painful tomorrow, but I’ve plenty of painkillers and ‘needs must when the Devil drives’! I just thought I’d post this, my third post for the weekly post challenge, now, while I have a few minutes to spare, because I don’t know whether or not I’ll have a computer set up tomorrow night on which to compose and post it!

The next post may be a little about ‘living in Paradise’…  it’s a good title anyway; and maybe I’ll include a few photos, if I get the time to take ’em before next Friday’s deadline for post #4! Now, bugger the tea! Who’d like to buy me a pint of Trotters’ ale before my next packing stint? I need the extra protein in Grannies ‘Underpants Special Brew’! And I’ll try to get the next episode of ‘Virgil’s Aeneid’ posted, both here, and at the Pigs’ too!.


January 13, 2011

About a Blog-a-Week: Second Post

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Now that's what you call the blues...

As my modest little blog has seen a boost in views since I signed up for the ‘blog-a-week’ challenge, I think perhaps it’s a good idea to say a little about what this blog is about: My primary interests are Social and Cultural Anthropology; the Classics and Ancient History; History generally; Poetry; Short Stories; and Music as written/performed by yours truly.

If you check out the contents list, you’ll find, in serialized forms, my outline of a paradigm for understanding violence as a form of human self-expression, ‘Aesthetics of Violence’ (AOV); my historical novel, ‘Cyrus’; several of my poems and even a few examples of my early attempts at recording music… I’m also currently in the process of serialising Virgil’s ‘Aeneid’, and rendering it into prose simultaneously, in order to make the story more accessible to modern readers.

I also hope to document the progress of an ‘intermittent band’, called, for the time being, the Burnside Refugees, whose rise will probably be somewhat less than meteoric, but may well at least provide us all with a little amusement along the way!

I also post on just about any other topic or event of any significance in my life which I think may be of some more general interest; posts from readers suggesting topics for articles would be most welcome; as is anyone who wants to be my ‘blogging buddy’, as suggested by the ‘Daily Post’ website… I don’t suppose there’s a limit, so, if you’re at all interested in being my buddy, please leave a comment attached to this post… just hit the ‘comments’ button; write your text in the box and hit ‘submit’. I promise to reply to all comments asap…

I realise it’s a little late for christmas, but here’s a little ditty I wrote and posted in the Pigs Arms’ ‘Inaugural Pigs’ Arms Christmas Blues/Psalms/Songs/Poetry competition… (It started as a ‘blues comp’ and kinda grew… like Topsy!) I’ve left the introduction exactly as per Pigs Arms; I’m sure Emmjay won’t mind (he’s the boss over at one of the other blogs I more or less regularly contribute to…) seeing as I wrote it!

(Sighs wistfully: “If only Warrigal’d had time to come up with a visual for this one… Wazza! Where are ya when we needs ya?” Hmmm wonder if that dude on the Blues Guitar Unleashed website will let me use that cool painting of a bluesman he  uses as an avaatar for the piccie to go with this article… Will ask him and if he says it’s okay, I’ll add the piccie later; it’s really cool so it’ll give you something to look forward to!)

Anyway, without further ado, here is…

Even Santa Gets the Blues

Posted on December 30, 2010 by Astyages

I’ve finally managed to squeeze out a few words in a more-or-less twelve-barre-ish sorta pattern, with a vaguely christmassish sorta feel to ‘em for the christmas palms/blues competition, of which we have, I think, approximately three entries… this being the third! So if anyone else would like to contribute an entry to this competition, you still have until Dec 31st, or until such a time as I can find a volunteer non-entrant to be judge Judy and executioner…

In the meantime, here’s my own entry:


“Even Santa Gets the Blues”


It’s christmas eve already and Santa’s got the blues

‘Cause Rudolph’s out on strike for a new set of reindeer shoes.

The elves came out in sympathy; and all his other helpers too;

And the cherry on the top: Mrs Santa has the ‘flu!


Yes it’s christmas in the North Pole; make sure you’ve paid your dues…

Yes it’s christmas in the North Pole, and Santa has the blues

The reindeer all came out on strike; their shoes were all worn through;

But in the yellow pages all Santa found was, “Cobblers to you!”

Mrs Santa’s taken to her bed, so Santa’s had no tea,

And all those kids still want their prezzies delivered all for free!


Yes it’s christmas in the North Pole

Make sure you’ve paid your dues;

‘Cause it’s christmas at the North Pole

And even Santa gets the blues…

I had intended to put music to it but am refraining from doing so due to the limits of time and talent… Happy Dionysia everyone!


PS: I’m still wondering whether or not it needs a third verse… Would welcome comments… If anyone would like to follow this competition more closely, they can check out all other entries at:

(Tell ’em Asty sent you and they’ll look after you; Merv, the barman, is a good mate of mine… One word of caution, the only way to properly balance the semi-hallucinogenic effects of Trotters Ale is with Granny’s Special-Spiced Wedges…)

January 7, 2011

I’m posting every week in 2011!

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G’day blogonauts and piglets all!

As an update on my ‘about’ page is long overdue, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to announce that I want to blog more: Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now.  I will be posting on this blog at least once a week for all of 2011; more often if I can/feel inspired/have the time… (just scraping in at the end of the first week!)

I know it won’t be easy, all the more so as the end of the first week of the New Year finds me well and truly in the throes of moving house… (the boxes and packing materials from the movers arrived today!) and of course, I’m looking forward to more surgery on my foot at the end of this month; but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful (or so say the Daily Post, whose ‘sample post’ on this topic is the one I’m currently considerably elaborating upon). Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, (presumably by following up this link, which I shall do as soon as I post this message! Tune in same time next week folks and find out if your intrepid adventurer survives transportation to an alien world – or at least, an alien blog! Will give you my report asap!) and the community of other bloggers with similar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, “Astyages’s Weblog”, ( I’d like to thank you for your interest, past and present, and express my hope that you’ll  continue to encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.

If you don’t already read my blog then I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to drop by; stay a while, visit and explore… and please leave comments and/or questions on any of my posts/articles/poems/books.



(David L Rowlands)

July 16, 2010

About Time I Updated My ‘About’ Page…

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By Theseustoo/Astyages 

Hi, everyone! G’day and welcome to Astyages’s Weblog; a site dedicated to the writings, adventures and other creative endeavors of Theseustoo. It’s been ages since I updated this page, so I thought I’d better do it again. 

The latest news is firstly, that my foot is doing more or less okay; I can now walk to the bathroom and back without my crutches, not once, but TWICE per day and I’m building on it slowly… In January I go for a checkup and expect to be told I’ll need further (bone-fusion) surgery. Oh joy! Can’t wait! 

On the ‘up’ side, though, the day before yesterday I received my first official order for ‘Cyrus’ from a company by the name of ‘James Bennett’; whose business it is to supply libraries, presumably with books … Interesting, I thought; and if they’re pleased with this single copy of ‘Cyrus’, might it not lead to further sales? And to my (real) name being further represented on the library shelves? Immortality at last, perhaps? 

But in their letter they proposed to withold 48% of the price (even after the normal ‘trade’ discount of 33%!) unless an ABN was appended to the Tax Invoice, apparently according to ‘ATO instructions’… Undaunted, I applied for an ABN forthwith, and was granted one under the name of ‘Independent Anthropological Publications’. So now I exist, not only as a legal ‘entity’ for commercial purposes, but also as Australia’s latest, and undoubtedly its smallest, publishing company! 

At present ‘our’ company is comprised solely of yours truly; and ‘our’ stock comprises just two titles by the same author; yours truly! They are: 

“Cyrus”, an historical novel based on the life story of Cyrus the Great; founder of the Persian Empire. (Recommended retail price: $29.95, plus $4.95  p&p within Australia) 


“Aesthetics of Violence”, a two part work in one volume; the first part is an anthropological analysis of the social reproduction and amplification of violence, while the second part outlines a paradigm for understanding violence as a form of human self-expression. (Recommended retail price: $36.00, plus $4.95  p&p within Australia) 

Orders may be placed by emailing me at: I will then email my physical address, to which you can post a cheque or money order, upon receipt of which I will immediately despatch your order. Watch this site and/or the Pigs Arms for news of further publications from Independent Anthropological Publications. 

Both titles are free to read on this site, but the author retains copyright and it is illegal to make unauthorised copies, or otherwise publish or redistribute these titles, or any other works on this site without the author’s permission. 

Well, now that the news, ads and legal stuff is out of the way, I do hope you enjoy your visit to Astyages’s Weblog and, if so, that you may even consider purchasing a hard copy of ‘Cyrus’ or ‘Aesthetics of Violence’ to support my fledgling publishing company before it dies of starvation… 



January 12, 2010

A Baha’i Barbeque

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Picture 1: Farid’s daughter plays guitar for a game of Pass the Parcel, whenever the music stops a prize is unwrapped.


Picture 2: Girls’ and boys’ toys are alternately unwrapped; a lot of thought went into the preparation of this game!
Picture 3: A clever musician knows how to ensure that everyone gets a prize; everyone’s a winner; there are NO losers!
Picture 4: The final prize is cleverly engineered to be ‘won’ by Farid.
Picture 5: At the end of the game, everyone piles onto Farid for a ‘group hug’.
Picture 6: Even the adults want to get in on the act as the group hug expands! Farid is evidently a very popular man!
Picture 7: Farid examines his ‘loot’.
Picture 8: A budding rockstar! This young lad (all of 10 years old!) and I had a brief but enjoyable ‘jam’ session, which was only let down by my lack of knowledge of ‘heavy metal’… And he let me play that gorgeous guitar too!

A Baha’i Barbeque   



On Sunday 3rd of January (a week ago yesterday) I went to a barbeque held by one of Adelaide’s several local Baha’i communities in the parklands next to the Aquatic Centre in North Adelaide. It was a lovely day with temperatures much more pleasant than those we have been experiencing for the last few days.   

Before I talk about the barbie itself, however, let me tell you all why an agnostic amateur anthropologist like myself is so interested in this relatively new religion:  

Baha’is believe that throughout history God has revealed himself to humankind through the words of a series of divine messengers, which have included, Abraham, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad. The teachings of these ‘prophets’, whom the Baha’is refer to as ‘Divine Mirrors’ because the message and light of the same, unique Divinity is reflected in them, have the nature of a ‘progressive revelation’.   

Each of these ‘Mirrors’ reflects a particular message for a particular people at a particular period in time; hence the need for more than one ‘prophet’. However, the religions founded by these ‘Mirrors’ all come from the same source and represent successive chapters in the development of what is essentially one religion, which comes from God. The latest of these ‘prophets’ or ‘Mirrors’ is the Baha’i prophet from whose name they derive the name of their Faith, Baha’u’lah, who said that, “The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens,” and that, as foretold in all the ancient scriptures of the past, now is the time for Humanity to live in unity, according to God’s plan.   

Bahá’ís believe that the most crucial need facing humanity at present is to find a unifying vision of the nature and purpose of life and of the future of society. Such a vision, they believe, is revealed in the writings of Bahá’u’lláh. They also believe that:   

*All humanity is one family.   

*Women and men are equal.   

*All prejudice, racial, religious, national or economic is destructive and must be overcome.   

*We must investigate the truth for ourselves, without preconceptions.   

*Science and religion are in harmony.   

*Our economic problems are linked to our spiritual problems.   

*The family and its unity are very important.   

*There is one God.   

*World peace is the crying need of our time.   

Those piglets from the Pigs’ Arms and regular readers of ‘Unleashed’, who have followed some of my debates on the subject of religion on ‘Unleashed’ will perhaps recognize how very similar these beliefs are to some of my own, and although personally I still think that when Humanity finally grows up it will need its god(s) about as much as your average adult needs the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, I think that if any kind of religion is acceptable, it would surely be one such as this, with its emphasis on egalitarianism and the unity of the whole Human species.   

This emphasis can be seen by observing the manner in which they organize events, which are very much all group efforts, emphasizing harmony and cooperation. I was also impressed by the emphasis on non-competitive games, as will be seen by the example of a game of Pass the Parcel, which I observed and photographed.   

The Baha’i version of this game is quite different from the game I grew up with and used to play at birthday parties, school Christmas parties etc. In this perhaps more traditional version of the game, as the parcel is passed the player who is left holding the parcel when the music stops unwraps a single layer of paper until finally after many, many layers of wrapping have been removed, the person who unwraps the final piece of paper is left holding the prize and is deemed, the winner; all the others are ‘losers’.   

The Baha’i version of this game, however, is quite different: as each layer of paper is removed a prize is revealed and whoever unwraps it keeps the prize thus ‘won’. The layers are cleverly alternated so that prizes which suit girls alternate with prizes which suit boys; a clever musician can thus make sure that everyone playing the game receives a prize; there are NO losers; everyone’s a winner!   

All in all, I must say that I much prefer the Bahai version of ‘Pass the Parcel’ to the traditional one! And if I were to ‘believe’ in any kind of religion at all, it would be one such as this, although I wonder if the Baha’is have heard of a similar religion which emerged recently in South-East Asia, called Kao Dai… I must check that one out too!   

Above are a few photos from the event which I hope will be self-explanatory, although I should perhaps point out that my new friend, Farid, is a teacher of Baha’i doctrine to many of the children present.   

September 21, 2009

My Left Foot

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My left foot showing bolt insertion points
My left foot showing bolt insertion points
My left foot showing gear selector for low-range hill climbing
My left foot showing gear selector for low-range hill climbing
My left foot showing scrap metal collection
My left foot showing scrap metal collection


These pics show my left foot, including scrap metal collection, pin and scar from operation to replace my ankle-joint back on my foot. The bolts and the pin in these pics are about 10 cms in length and are screwed straight into the bones; the external bar applies traction.

First let me apologize for the quality of these pics; they were taken in poor light on a very old digital camera and getting the right angles was not easy…





Now for the story:

On Tuesday 15th September, I went back into hospital to have all the scrap metal I’d collected in my foot removed. This was a straightforward enough ‘day surgery’ and I would have been sent home after the operation, (the fifth, I think, thus far), but as I’d had a general anaesthetic and there was nobody to keep an eye on me for the next 24 hours at home, as required, I was sent for an overnight stay for ‘observation’ at Gleneagles; an old folks’ home out at Mawson Lakes or thereabouts.

This was an interesting enough experience, though it leaves me not optimistic about getting old… This is something I simply refuse to do… except that, of course, it creeps up on you while you’re not looking and then suddenly, Bang! There you are, old…

But while at Gleneagles, a pleasant enough place, with friendly, caring staff, I met an ‘agency’ nurse by the name of Paula White. Paula had just had a lot of sheet music left to her by one of the old guys she looked after and didn’t know what to do with it; she asked me if I’d like it…

Now this was obviously an old guy’s collection of music which went back as far as the 1930’s so I said, “Sure, I’ll have it!” Later, however, I had second thoughts; I couldn’t accept them before I’d told Paula that because of their extreme age, one or two of them might just possibly be valuable…

Does anyone know anything about the value of old sheet music? Including such wartime faves as Gracie Fields’ ‘Bluebirds Over…’ and ‘Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant-Major’, ‘Red Sails in the Sunset’ and many others… I suppose most of them aren’t worth more than about 50 cents each, but I don’t know anything about what some of these might be worth to a collector… It IS possible one or two might be worth something.

Anyway, Paula also invited me out to the Café Primo at Tea Tree Gully to a little ‘do’ they were having to celebrate her birthday and that of her ‘Virgo’ friend, Elaine…

She’s a real bundle of energy, that Paula, I can tell you! She picked me up at 2.45 straight from work and we drove up to her house where I looked through the sheet music while she did some odd chores and prepared herself for the evening.

Her current partner, ‘Swannee’ arrived, a tall rangy bloke with a face reddened from a fishing trip which had left him currently in the doghouse. More people began to arrive, including Paula’s friend, ‘Renee’ and Paula’s eldest son, Lee.

Eventually we drove to the restaurant, where I met Paula’s other two sons; all three boys came and shook my hand to introduce themselves and politely inquired as to the nature of my injury… Boys are easy to impress! A good ‘accident’ story, especially a ‘motorcycle accident’ story will impress them every time!

The pizza (with the Lot) at café Primo was the best pizza I’ve eaten in quite a while… anchovies, prosciutto, mozzarella cheese and whole pitted Kalamata olives made it really something special… my compliments to the chef!

And it was so nice to see a good old ‘family gathering’, with Paula’s family as well as several other nurses; friends of Paula’s from work all having a good time and enjoying themselves.

Paula at several stages exclaimed ‘You’ll have to excuse us… we’re all a bit mad…”

But I don’t think so at all; in fact I think Paula and her friends have discovered the secret to living a good life; they all work hard in a career which is both very challenging and very rewarding; and they all play hard and understand the value of having their families around them. They were a very happy bunch and I’m pleased to be able to say that I don’t think I’ve seen the last of them.

But have you ever heard the expression, “It never rains, but it pours!”

Now this is the first time I’d been out of the house apart from trips to the hospital; and the first social invitation I’d received in longer than I’d care to remember… but would you believe that on the Wednesday I was released from Gleneagles, I was sitting at home, enjoying a nice cup of tea when all of a sudden I heard an unexpected knock at my door. I answered it and found myself staring at three, count ‘em, THREE gorgeous young ladies on my doorstep; one Chinese, one Tongan and one Canadian.

After inviting them in, I played them a couple of songs and was actually obliged to decline their invitation to go fishing with them on Saturday… the same day I’d just been invited out to Paula’s birthday ‘do’…

Of course, it turned out these young ladies were from the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints doing missionary work… I told them they would not convert me, but that if they wanted to keep an old man company for a little while every now and then, they were welcome to visit and that I’d love to go fishing with them.

I said that, where I’d taught the other Mormon lads who used to visit me how to play chess, I could teach these girls how to fish. I also told them they were much prettier than the lads they’d sent last time and that they had brightened my day considerably already…

They said they’d come again next week!

Things seem to be beginning to look up…


August 11, 2009


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I figured that as my ‘About’ page already has two posts up on it (okay, I’ll admit it; one was from me!) that perhaps it was time for me to post an ‘about’ item…

About me: I’m an ex-London busker and anthropologist who likes to write and tell stories; especially stories which come from the earliest parts of our history. I’m interested in the anthropoogy of volence and also ancient history and mythology; I’m particularly interested in the point at which history merges with mythology; the mythical nature of history; the historical nature of mythology.

About this site: Already I’ve posted 6 chapters of my book, “Cyrus”, and will eventually publish the rest. I also intend to publish this book in hard-copy on an ‘on-demand’ basis, so if you’d like a copy please let me know.

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all plans remain fluid until the moment of actuality