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April 30, 2011

About: Time I Did Site Restructuring…

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G’day to my regular readers (both of them!) I must apologise for any delay in my (not-quite-) regular serials… I’ve been noticing certain problems which I first thought may be the work of mishcievous sprites, however I’m now pretty much convinced that it’s ’cause I’ve exceeded some kinda page or article limit… though what it is exactly, I’m not sure; being a palaeolithic technophobe I’m operating more on ‘instinct’ than knowledge when it comes to the internet, blogging etc…

However, what I suspect is at the root of my problem is the fact that all my articles are on the same page… And in fact, I haven’t even created any actual ‘pages’ yet; these are all on my ‘About’ page, whether or not they are ‘categorised’ as such; and indeed all categories are on the same page too!

So, what I propose to do is to attempt to create new pages; one page for each major project (eg, one page for Virgil’s Aeneid; one page for Cyrus; one page for AOV; one page for ‘Poetry’; one page for ‘Asty’s Music’ etc… get the picture.

I plan to start with Cyrus first, so it will be the first to ‘disappear’ from the main page and (hopefully!) reappear on a different page… hopefully without too much disturbance to anyone currently reading it.

I’m also hoping that this restructuring will solve the problem I now have: whenever you try to open the first chapter or two of some of my longer works, you get the most recently-posted item and not the one you want… So, if this has happened to you lately while you’ve been searching my blog for articles, or even if it happens to you in the near future, please don’t worry and please be patient; and if strange things should start to happen while you’re reading any of the articles on my site, once again, don’t worry: it’s probably because I’m working on it ~ wish me luck!

Finally, I hope to have this blog functioning normally again very soon; hopefully by the end of next week.

Also, on a completely different note: As I’ve noticed quite a large number of visits from a certain ‘file uploading/downloading’ site, with a commercial interest in uploading and downloading files, I’d just like to take this opportunity to remind ALL my readers that the contents of this blog are all subject to South Australian Copyright laws and are the copyrighted intellectual property of the author, which, unless otherwise stated, is David L Rowlands, and all rights have been reserved. This material may not be copied, uploaded or otherwise redistributed in any manner without the copyright-owner’s written permission.

Thanks for your patience,

David L Rowlands
(author and editor)

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