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January 21, 2011

About: The Big Shift

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By Astyages 

G’day Blogonauts and Piglets! Well, I’m sitting here at just a few minutes past midnight and it is already the day of the Big Shift! I’d be excited if I weren’t so exhausted. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks trying to get all the ‘little crap’ packed up in boxes and what can’t go neatly into boxes has gone into a plethora of green and variously other coloured shopping bags, for which I”m now actually quite thankful. 

Exhausted though I may be, I doubt that I’ll get any sleep at all tonight: The movers arrive in less that eight hours… I still haven’t packed the kitchen and the dishes need washing. A couple of nights ago, whilst packing I thought I’d fry up a coupla snags just to keep me going; so I turned on the stove under the heater and went back to packing… That is, I thought I’d turned on the stove under the heater; what I’d really turned on was the griller; and on this type of stove that is apparently a big no-no… there must be some kind of heat-resistant stuff which if it gets too hot, burns, producing a vile, oily black grime, right up my kitchen wall! Just what I needed before an inspection! I might have notice the smoke before too much damage was done except that I had the extractor fan on to get rid of some of the thirteen years worth of dust I’d stirred up by my packing efforts. I’ve had a go at cleaning what I can reach, but the rest will have to wait for ether my helper, John (if he’s brave enough!) or perhaps a professional cleaner.

I still haven’t heard back from the rubbish removers I thought I’d hired to remove the hard waste, whom I’d instructed to organise payment with Allianz and get back to me… if I don’t hear from them again before I move out tomorrow (and it doesn’t look likely) I suppose I’ll have to hire someone else… Just as well I’m paying an extra weeks’ rent after the move to give me time to get rid of all the junk I’ll be leaving behind which used to be my furniture… 

I am looking forward to doing a bit of shopping at Ikea in the very near future too, to replace storage space I must leave behind (large built-in robes! Luxury in a Housing Trust flat!) I must remember also to get a few simple gardening tools, my tiny patch of ‘garden’ looks like the ‘Day of the Triffids’! Crikey! Now I remember… gardening…

Hmmm I wonder what’s the best way to get rid of what looks like a potential ‘Giant Hogweed’ which seems determined to spoil the lay of my drive’s brick paving… (Voice, as the Pigs’ Arms’ gardening specialist, if you’re out there and can here a call for help from a black-thumbed gardener, I’d appreciate any advice you can give me; I may even take a few photos to show you the problems… Hmmm maybe I’ll have to trek over to the Pigs’ for a pink persuader to persuade ‘er! No, you filthy beast! Hung, you have a one track mind… and it’s a dirt-track! I meant a pink drink! The Pigs’ Arms’ patented pink drinks are reputed to have remarkable powers of persuasion… Now, if only I can catch her in a thirsty mood… 😉 )

Anyway, I need a quick cuppa Rosie Lea before I get stuck back into it; I can only put in a few minutes of work at a time and then my foot gets too sore and I have to rest it for a while… I think it’s going to be pretty painful tomorrow, but I’ve plenty of painkillers and ‘needs must when the Devil drives’! I just thought I’d post this, my third post for the weekly post challenge, now, while I have a few minutes to spare, because I don’t know whether or not I’ll have a computer set up tomorrow night on which to compose and post it!

The next post may be a little about ‘living in Paradise’…  it’s a good title anyway; and maybe I’ll include a few photos, if I get the time to take ’em before next Friday’s deadline for post #4! Now, bugger the tea! Who’d like to buy me a pint of Trotters’ ale before my next packing stint? I need the extra protein in Grannies ‘Underpants Special Brew’! And I’ll try to get the next episode of ‘Virgil’s Aeneid’ posted, both here, and at the Pigs’ too!.


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