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January 13, 2011

About a Blog-a-Week: Second Post

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Now that's what you call the blues...

As my modest little blog has seen a boost in views since I signed up for the ‘blog-a-week’ challenge, I think perhaps it’s a good idea to say a little about what this blog is about: My primary interests are Social and Cultural Anthropology; the Classics and Ancient History; History generally; Poetry; Short Stories; and Music as written/performed by yours truly.

If you check out the contents list, you’ll find, in serialized forms, my outline of a paradigm for understanding violence as a form of human self-expression, ‘Aesthetics of Violence’ (AOV); my historical novel, ‘Cyrus’; several of my poems and even a few examples of my early attempts at recording music… I’m also currently in the process of serialising Virgil’s ‘Aeneid’, and rendering it into prose simultaneously, in order to make the story more accessible to modern readers.

I also hope to document the progress of an ‘intermittent band’, called, for the time being, the Burnside Refugees, whose rise will probably be somewhat less than meteoric, but may well at least provide us all with a little amusement along the way!

I also post on just about any other topic or event of any significance in my life which I think may be of some more general interest; posts from readers suggesting topics for articles would be most welcome; as is anyone who wants to be my ‘blogging buddy’, as suggested by the ‘Daily Post’ website… I don’t suppose there’s a limit, so, if you’re at all interested in being my buddy, please leave a comment attached to this post… just hit the ‘comments’ button; write your text in the box and hit ‘submit’. I promise to reply to all comments asap…

I realise it’s a little late for christmas, but here’s a little ditty I wrote and posted in the Pigs Arms’ ‘Inaugural Pigs’ Arms Christmas Blues/Psalms/Songs/Poetry competition… (It started as a ‘blues comp’ and kinda grew… like Topsy!) I’ve left the introduction exactly as per Pigs Arms; I’m sure Emmjay won’t mind (he’s the boss over at one of the other blogs I more or less regularly contribute to…) seeing as I wrote it!

(Sighs wistfully: “If only Warrigal’d had time to come up with a visual for this one… Wazza! Where are ya when we needs ya?” Hmmm wonder if that dude on the Blues Guitar Unleashed website will let me use that cool painting of a bluesman he  uses as an avaatar for the piccie to go with this article… Will ask him and if he says it’s okay, I’ll add the piccie later; it’s really cool so it’ll give you something to look forward to!)

Anyway, without further ado, here is…

Even Santa Gets the Blues

Posted on December 30, 2010 by Astyages

I’ve finally managed to squeeze out a few words in a more-or-less twelve-barre-ish sorta pattern, with a vaguely christmassish sorta feel to ‘em for the christmas palms/blues competition, of which we have, I think, approximately three entries… this being the third! So if anyone else would like to contribute an entry to this competition, you still have until Dec 31st, or until such a time as I can find a volunteer non-entrant to be judge Judy and executioner…

In the meantime, here’s my own entry:


“Even Santa Gets the Blues”


It’s christmas eve already and Santa’s got the blues

‘Cause Rudolph’s out on strike for a new set of reindeer shoes.

The elves came out in sympathy; and all his other helpers too;

And the cherry on the top: Mrs Santa has the ‘flu!


Yes it’s christmas in the North Pole; make sure you’ve paid your dues…

Yes it’s christmas in the North Pole, and Santa has the blues

The reindeer all came out on strike; their shoes were all worn through;

But in the yellow pages all Santa found was, “Cobblers to you!”

Mrs Santa’s taken to her bed, so Santa’s had no tea,

And all those kids still want their prezzies delivered all for free!


Yes it’s christmas in the North Pole

Make sure you’ve paid your dues;

‘Cause it’s christmas at the North Pole

And even Santa gets the blues…

I had intended to put music to it but am refraining from doing so due to the limits of time and talent… Happy Dionysia everyone!


PS: I’m still wondering whether or not it needs a third verse… Would welcome comments… If anyone would like to follow this competition more closely, they can check out all other entries at:

(Tell ’em Asty sent you and they’ll look after you; Merv, the barman, is a good mate of mine… One word of caution, the only way to properly balance the semi-hallucinogenic effects of Trotters Ale is with Granny’s Special-Spiced Wedges…)

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