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November 6, 2012

Conspiracy Theories

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Conspiracy Theories



Okay fellow piglets, here is the article I’ve been tantalizing you with and for which you have all waited so long! But you’d better fasten your seat-belts and hang on to your tidfer’s ladies and gents, ’cause we’re in for a bumpy ride!

The first problem in any survey of conspiracy theories is their overwhelming overabundance; where does one start… We could start with what happened to all the German scientists after the end of WWII, or we could begin by looking at a more modern phenomenon: UFOs.

Now as a sci-fi fan since childhood, I’ve always kinda wanted to believe in UFOs, but, at least, prior to this survey, the rationalist in me would have put its probability somewhere between virtually absolutely nil and absolutely nil… And yet…

Once we were told there were no such thing as UFOs which led some to speculate that perhaps the whole UFO phenomenon wasn’t perhaps a smokescreen for the USAAF’s own experimental aircraft. ‘Cover-up!’ was the catch-cry when rumors of Roswell reverberated around to globe to the accompaniment of some somewhat less than convincing alien interviews and autopsies.

On the other hand, in the USA, there is currently an ongoing UNCOVER-UP operation surrounding UFO’S, aliens of all the interplanetary and/or interdimensional kinds and all kinds of apparently well-qualified, sensible and serious people, people who have themselves actually worked at area 51, have come forward and admitted to having reverse-engineered alien spacecraft; we are informed by such sources that 95% of UFO phenomena are ‘our own birds’… the other 5%, we are informed, belong to ‘aliens’. Now, to the objection that interplanetary space-travel is, at least to the best of our knowledge, impossible because of the immense time/spaces involved, the ufologists have come up with the notion that ‘aliens’ are indeed, not interplanetary, but interdimensional, beings, who, as any sci-fi fan from the fifties can readily tell you, come back to save their future world from some kind of evolutionary dead-end… Now THIS is where Planet X and the lizardmen come in… Those I refer to as ‘Lizardmen from the Planet X’ (What a title for a sci-fi movie! I’m sure I’ve seen something somewhat similar at some stage in my sci-fi subscribing career…) are called by others ‘Annunaki’; and there is another race known as ‘Nephilim’… both of which – surprise, surprise! – have been prophesied in the bible… (where else?)

Now, there’s a war in ‘heaven’ (ie. Space) between these two that has been going on for at least 2,000 years… Oh, and it was are alien ‘gods’, the Annunaki and Nephilim, who built all the pyramids, don’tcha know… and taught our bronze-age ancestors all about ancient technology… (’cause they were too stupid to think of anything like experimenting or observation, or any of that scientific stuff all on their lonesome, eh?)

Anyway; the upshot of it is that it’s all coming to a head and we’re to meet our new alien overlords on 21st December 2012… which is nice, isn’t it? They’ll arrive just in time for Christmas! To save us all from a life of meaningless overindulgence… S’pose they’ll probably begin by banning it! I, for one, won’t miss it in the slightest!

Ah! But then there’s the OTHER alien prophecy; the one that says the Annunaki are only pretending to be our mates and they’re really out to ‘harvest’ us to take all back to their planet to farm us for lizard-feed; though it’s anyone’s guess as to why they’ve waited 2,000 years or more. And of course, if the Annunaki were the satanic, snakelike aliens – the ‘fallen ones’ in the bible’ – the Nephilim are the ‘good guys’; god’s angels (who came to earth but weren’t ‘fallen’), who’re supposedly gonna bring back Jesus to save us all from the Annunaki and… well… who-knows what really? Becoming lizard-feed, I suppose…

Once upon a time the FAA told the American public it was not interested in hearing any more UFO reports; the government was very much in denial about the fact that there was a genuine phenomenon to be investigated. It ostracized and lampooned anyone who attempted to report UFOs until people were generally put off reporting them for the sake of their reputations as sane people… Now there are sane and authoritative people from the army, air-force and even the police force, admitting to having seen and, in some cases, actually worked with real aliens…

It’s intriguing to note that there is also another conspiracy theory out there that says the UFO phenomenon is not a real phenomenon at all, but that, in fact, UFOs are holographic projections from all that ‘Star Wars’ hardware the space-shuttle program put into space between the ’70s and the ’90s… the aim of all these holographic lazer-shows being, of course, social control through the only means the American government, apparently, knows: fear… in this instance fear of alien overlords coming to eat us on the one hand, or fear of the angels who may decide NOT to rapture humans out of the ‘tribulations’ after all! Or, perhaps they are here to judge who goes to live with them on their Nephilim homeworld (if, that is, this isn’t just a cover-story and the Nephilim are the real bad guys, ’cause after all, the Annunaki taught us technology etc…) in ‘heaven’; and who stays here to fry in what looks like it’s shaping up to be the hell of an inevitable nuclear conflagration (at least, according to this rather nihilistic prophecy).

Only ONE thing is certain about this: the US Government NOW apparently WANT us to believe in UFOs… Why? Is it at all possible they could be real? I’d love to know what you guys think…

Hang on, I hear you ask me, what has that to do with Nazi scientists after the end of WWII? Good question, and I’m glad you asked… You do realize, of course, that humanity was robbed of the possibility of universal, free, and safe electrical power by Thomas Edison, who, if history is read cynically, may possibly be implicated in the suspicious death of Nikola Tesla, who had plans to give the world unlimited, free energy? Oh? Well… you do now, anyway… Well… Tesla had plans for a whole lot of stuff, including anti-gravity machines which Hitler had built into the world’s first undisputedly real flying saucers…

My own theory is the Annunaki and Nephilim stories come from the neo-Cons and, as I’ve already said, aims at establishing social control through fear; using the gullibility – not to mention, ‘bullyability’ of the American bible-belt… But social control for what? First let’s be clear that it is GLOBAL social control we’re talking about here; and as for what… the bulk of the world’s population is to be kept in controlled ignorance while the neo-Cons destroy the world’s economy as a prelude to denuding the earth of at least 80% of its population… the result of doing the maths on the suggestion by the Georgia Guidestones, that the world’s population be kept under half a billion…

And how is this ‘desirable’ population-level to be achieved? Oh, through wars where there’s another interest to make going to war ‘on the ground’ necessary; otherwise, primarily through manipulated and engineered natural disasters as a result of using HAARP as a weapon; there are those who already believe the Fukushima tsunami was the result of a HAARP attack. The USA also has a whole range of other, formidable, sonic weapons, some designed specifically for crowd control… Oh, and the other major methodology of depopulation is to be starvation, even in the midst of plenty! Two words you should all investigate are these: ‘Codex Alimentarius’… in this heinous document, about nine or ten of the world’s absolute WORST food pollutants, which were regulated against because they were so heinous, are now to be allowed back into our diet… (You already know that thalidomide is back on the market again, don’t you?) And the world’s food is to be genetically engineered so that it will contain no nutritional content whatsoever…

Now, as a disbeliever, I might derive some relief from my straining incredulity when I discovered how many of these conspiracy theories actually come from some pretty fundamentalist christian sources; but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to worry about… Alex Jones, for instance does an excellent job of scaring the shit out of people (me included!) by secretly filming inside the Bohemian Grove on the night of the Skull’n’Bones Club’s annual ‘Burning of Care’ ritual, which amounts to the sacrifice, in human effigy, of ‘Care’… or, in other words, their consciences!

Check it out for yourselves:

Regardless of Alex Jones’ own personal belief’s and motivations, (and I DO think he’s doing his thing for the benefit of his country…) this is a serious worry… Supposedly 46 presidents of the USA have belonged to this club… which is a front, of course, for the illuminati, who are all (neo-Cons, I’m sure!) getting themselves as rich as Croesus while their own country’s and the world’s economies crash around their ears. In certain circles, Obama has been likened to Nero!

When most of the ‘rulers of the free world’ are all members of the same secret society(s), I’d say there’s something SERIOUS to worry about… One can no longer even think of the USA and ‘Democracy’ as having anything to do with each other, except insofar as the word is used, together with some remarkably impressive pieces of street-theatre (called ‘elections’) to lead the sheeple by the nose while they are first fleeced and then sent to the slaughter…

Whew! Well… that’s not all there is to it, of course… but I hope it’s enough to start a discussion! If discussion seems brisk and interesting enough perhaps I’ll write a sequel… In the meantime, here’s something for you all to think about:

And in case you think, ‘Oh, that’s just those stupid yanks!’, check this out:

(Disclaimer: I have the excuse of being paranoid; however, I cannot be held responsible if any of this information should happen to upset your reality. Asty)

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