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February 19, 2012

Malicious Gossip

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Every story has two sides, they say,
But you ain’t heard my side yet…
And tall tales told out of school
Make that fact so easy to forget.

A friend once said she loved me
Then stabbed me in the back…
Pouring poison in my friends’ ears
Was her sly form of attack.

Even Truth can be a lie
When revenge is its real intention;
When compassion and understanding
Are forestalled by false pretention…

So go on, and have a good laugh
At all the tales she tells about me
I’m quite sure that both you and she
Will be better off without me…

As for me – what can I do,
When all is said and done?
For you’ll probably still be laughing
At me, long after I’m dead and gone.

But there is just one small idea
To which I’d like to give a voice:
I’d say some modern women make
Onanism a more attractive choice…



To those of my regular readers, who I can see are still checking in to see if I’ve written anything new yet, I do apologise most humbly for my recent prolonged absence. Too many stressors from too many different directions since before Christmas have left me too depressed and depleted to contribute anything meaningful recently.

However, I do hope to get back into the swing of things now, at least here on my own blog; the Pigs’ Arms will have to manage without me for a while as I can’t afford to spend the time there that I used to; mostly because I need to clear my schedule to get on with writing the story of ‘Matilda’s’, which I’ve been threatening to do for the past couple of years…

So thank you once again, my dear and faithful regular readers (both of you!), for your continued patience and patronage. I promise that at the very least, I’ll have the next chapter of ‘Cyrus’ and the next episode of ‘Virgil’s Aeneid’ posted by the weekend!



  1. Is this a happening thing or an old poem asty, Is something bad happening to you that is behind this poem?

    Comment by sandshoe — February 20, 2012 @ 3:46 pm | Reply

    • It’s a poem ‘Shoe… make of it what you will…


      Comment by astyages — February 22, 2012 @ 11:21 am | Reply

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