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August 11, 2011

A Few Thoughts on the UK Riots

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I have a few thoughts on the riots in the UK:

1) The UK has riots where other countries have revolutions. That riots are happening now is a sign that there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the UK’s current political system. The riots of 1980/81 (also triggered by the ‘suss’ laws and the way they were implemented by Willy Whitelaw’s bovver boys!) during Maggie Thatchers’ reign of terror, plus increasing economic inequity under the same Iron Maiden, were what inspired yours truly to fly ‘over the rainbow’ to the wonderful land of Oz… The fact that such riots are happening again is a sign that the new ‘austerity measures’ are quite evidently perceived as unfairly targetting the poorer sections of society while the rich get suntanned in Torremolinos, or wherever it’s fashionable for British middle and upper classes to holiday nowadays…

2) Population pressure is not really the cause; merely an aggravating factor, along with the ghetto-isation of migrant populations; the real underlying cause however, is social inequity, made all the more galling by the fact that the rich (neo-Con) bastards who caused GFC#1 and were bailed out by the taxpayer, now look very likely to have caused, or at least to be in the process of causing GFC#2; and when asked by Obama to pay a little bit of tax, that they could easily afford, in order to pull the USA’s fat out of the fire, they refused, forcing Obama to make deals with the Tea Party (neo-Con puppets that they are) that watered down his measures to address what may now be called GFC#2, resulting in a downgrade of the USA’s credit rating and turning GFC#2 into what looks like it could well become a financial black hole… And guess who’s going to be paying the lion’s share of the taxes needed to pull the globe out of it! Any cutbacks, loss of business, and therefore jobs, will inevitably hit the poorest sections of the community hardest; that migrants happen to form a large proportion of these sections of the community is coincidental, rather than causative (and we must remember also that refugees themselves are often a byproduct of neo-Con foreign policies!); and, finally,

3) There are large sections of the Australian (and undoubtedly the British, and American) populations who see migrants (yes, even paler-skinned, English-speaking ones) as a resource to be exploited for all it’s worth… and pollies are among the worst offenders in this regard. Migrants who have no money and few or no contacts in their new home are extremely vulnerable to being ripped off by all kinds of people in all kinds of businesses, legitimate or illegitimate, because it’s just SOOOOOOOO easy to do so and get away with it; the migrants haven’t the money or the knowledge of the legal systems of their new ‘homes’ to do anything about it, and most don’t want to get a reputation for being ‘whingers’ to add to the already negative stereotypes and labels which they are inevitably obliged to wear… and in any case there is precious little, if any, help available for them and thus absolutely no possiblilty of redress…

4) What goes around… comes around… Treat people like shit and you can hardly expect them to treat you (or your possessions) with respect.

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