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July 16, 2010

About Time I Updated My ‘About’ Page…

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By Theseustoo/Astyages 

Hi, everyone! G’day and welcome to Astyages’s Weblog; a site dedicated to the writings, adventures and other creative endeavors of Theseustoo. It’s been ages since I updated this page, so I thought I’d better do it again. 

The latest news is firstly, that my foot is doing more or less okay; I can now walk to the bathroom and back without my crutches, not once, but TWICE per day and I’m building on it slowly… In January I go for a checkup and expect to be told I’ll need further (bone-fusion) surgery. Oh joy! Can’t wait! 

On the ‘up’ side, though, the day before yesterday I received my first official order for ‘Cyrus’ from a company by the name of ‘James Bennett’; whose business it is to supply libraries, presumably with books … Interesting, I thought; and if they’re pleased with this single copy of ‘Cyrus’, might it not lead to further sales? And to my (real) name being further represented on the library shelves? Immortality at last, perhaps? 

But in their letter they proposed to withold 48% of the price (even after the normal ‘trade’ discount of 33%!) unless an ABN was appended to the Tax Invoice, apparently according to ‘ATO instructions’… Undaunted, I applied for an ABN forthwith, and was granted one under the name of ‘Independent Anthropological Publications’. So now I exist, not only as a legal ‘entity’ for commercial purposes, but also as Australia’s latest, and undoubtedly its smallest, publishing company! 

At present ‘our’ company is comprised solely of yours truly; and ‘our’ stock comprises just two titles by the same author; yours truly! They are: 

“Cyrus”, an historical novel based on the life story of Cyrus the Great; founder of the Persian Empire. (Recommended retail price: $29.95, plus $4.95  p&p within Australia) 


“Aesthetics of Violence”, a two part work in one volume; the first part is an anthropological analysis of the social reproduction and amplification of violence, while the second part outlines a paradigm for understanding violence as a form of human self-expression. (Recommended retail price: $36.00, plus $4.95  p&p within Australia) 

Orders may be placed by emailing me at: I will then email my physical address, to which you can post a cheque or money order, upon receipt of which I will immediately despatch your order. Watch this site and/or the Pigs Arms for news of further publications from Independent Anthropological Publications. 

Both titles are free to read on this site, but the author retains copyright and it is illegal to make unauthorised copies, or otherwise publish or redistribute these titles, or any other works on this site without the author’s permission. 

Well, now that the news, ads and legal stuff is out of the way, I do hope you enjoy your visit to Astyages’s Weblog and, if so, that you may even consider purchasing a hard copy of ‘Cyrus’ or ‘Aesthetics of Violence’ to support my fledgling publishing company before it dies of starvation… 




  1. Hung, I’ve just realized; you DO have both of my books, don’t you? Do you realize that makes you my loyalest and most avid reader? Thus far, at least…

    So thank you for your continuing interest in my work; I do hope you’ll leave questions and comments on either or both items here when you have finished reading them and have a bit of free time… I know how busy I keep you as a ‘semi-professional musician’ and member of the Burnside Refugees! But keep it up; it’ll be worth it in the end…


    Comment by astyages — July 17, 2010 @ 7:31 pm | Reply

  2. Yes, have both of those. Still on for tomorrow?

    Comment by Hung One On — July 17, 2010 @ 4:31 pm | Reply

    • Sure are… Will be there 1.00pm… with bells on!


      Comment by astyages — July 17, 2010 @ 6:53 pm | Reply

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